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Ankeny Community School District's online payment site, TouchBase, is designed to provide a safe, convenient way to pay textbook rental, school fees and fines, and to add money to your student's nutrition account. You can also review your payment history.  

Learn more about the Recurring Purchases option by clicking on the Help link in the maroon bar below.

Meal balances (and much more) are seen in School Café. Here is the School Café linkIf you do not have a School Cafe account set up, it is rather quick to do so. You will need each student’s ID to proceed. Please note: It takes a minimum of 30 minutes (and can be longer) for your online payment(s) in TouchBase to sync with School Café in order to see that updated lunch balance(s) there. Then, the meal balance(s) reflected in TouchBase will update by end of day. 

STAFF MEAL PAYMENTS: If you are new to having a meal account, please email leeanna.vigor@ankenyschools.org to get set up. Otherwise, your username is your employee number. Password is your last name (first letter in caps). Passwords are case-sensitive. If you have students enrolled in the district, this is a separate login from your students.


Do you need to purchase school items for your student?

If you are purchasing school items for your student, be sure to choose the correct school that has those school items.

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 For currently enrolled students and families: If you have not previously used the online payment site, you'll need to activate your account: 

  1. Please make sure you have an Infinite Campus account.  If you don't have an account or are unsure, please review the Infinite Campus Parent Portal informationAny addition or change to the Infinite Campus parent portal takes minimum 24 hours to sync with TouchBase. 
  2. Your TouchBase (the online payment system) User Name is the primary email address on record in Infinite Campus.  If you're unsure which email address is on file in Infinite Campus, login to the Infinite Campus parent portal, and select Contact Preferences or Notification Settings under User Account. Be sure to check the email addresses noted for each parent/guardian Family Member under Family as well.  You will use the primary email address on file in Infinite Campus to create a password for your TouchBase account (the online payment system). Please note: since your TouchBase User Name is the primary email address on record in Infinite Campus, it is IMPORTANT to type that  Primary email in the User Name box, NOT in the Email box, when the maroon box pops up here! Click on the button below to begin.  (for a more detailed instruction sheet, click here to view)
  3. New employee? If you are a new employee, please email leeanna.vigor@ankenyschools.org to get set up!

     Click here to create your password


Already created your account?

If you have used this site before and are returning:

  1. Enter your primary email address on record in Infinite Campus in the User Name box below.
  2. Enter the password you created during your first visit.
  3. Sign in
  4. Any email address change made in your Infinite Campus parent portal takes a minimum of 24 hours to sync with TouchBase. Be sure to click SAVE when making your email change!!

To reset your password:  please CLICK HERE to have a password reset email sent to your email address on file. Please note: be sure to type that  Primary email address on record in Infinite Campus in the User Name box, NOT in the Email box, when the maroon box pops up here!

Need Assistance?

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click on Help in the maroon bar below.

If you need assistance with your account, we are happy to help you.